The School of Life

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Life spells affect living creatures directly, and are the only spells that can reach inside a person or creature. Life spells cover healing and harming, disease and cures, and some minor shapeshifting. Life spells also can affect organic matter, inside or outside of a body. Nearly all body spells require Psyche advantage, and the more dangerous ones usually require Pysche Superiority.

Used in conjuction with other Schools, life allows spells to affect creatures when they normally would not be able to. Life spells can also make magical constructs act more naturally. A puppet servent created via Energy can be made much more like a living servent with the application of Life.

Low Magic Simple Spells:

Analyze Life: This spell is a diagnosis spell, used to determine what if anything is wrong with a creature, and what type of thing it is, etc. It provides a wealth of information about any living target.

Cleansing: A sort of general purpose ‘fix people’ spell, this spell will purge minor poisons, weak diseases, and clean the target. Teenage Sorcerers love it for the ability to remove pimples. This spell is the reason that Sorcerers with access to Life magic always seem to be vibrant and energetic, because a simple casting of this spell during their morning routine will keep them in top health barring exceptional circumstances.

Healer’s Trance: This simple spell cannot be cast quickly. In fact it requires that the caster be chanting and casting the entire time the spell is active, to the exclusion of all other activities. While the spell is being maintained, the target heals twice as fast as normal. This spell does not grant any regeneration capability to those who cannot normally regnerate, nor does it speed up regeneration.

Fecundity: This spell improves plants, usually used to make a harvest better, but it can also enhance an herb used as a poison component, for instance. It can be cast over a fairly wide area by itself, about the size of a city block, but any greater casting over large fields will require Dimension magic.

Resilliance: The target of this spell becomes more resistant to damage, stunning effects and general body trauma. As with other shielding type spells, the power drain depends on the punishment the target is taking. Wounds lose about 10% of their impact, and it is much more difficult for the target to go into shock. This spell also provides a good resistance against damaging Life magic spells.

Blight: A general maliese, this spell is the reverse of Cleansing. It will introduce minor contagions, foul the body, and make the target feel miserable. Good for use as intimidation, or to break down resistances before casting a more powerful attack.

Life Sense: With this spell the target will become aware of living creatures within sensory range. Dimension magic can extend this further. The target can tune out specific living things, grass, vermin, etc, in order to focus on more important forms of life, like people, or ravenous wolves.

Blush of Health: This power provides a brief and mostly illusionary sense of health and wellbeing. Pain is reduced, aches are gone, the target feels like she has energy again. This spell is good for helping wounded people move, but it is dangerous because the health is not real, and the target can easily get more wounded while they’re feeling great, or tear open an existing wound without realizing it.

Wrack: A pure-pain spell, this one will make the target feel a thousand nasty pains. Incapacitating for thsoe not used to pain, and very distracting even to those who are used to it. Requires Psyche Superiority.

Normal Magic Simple Spells:

Transform Features: A person or animal’s features can be transformed slightly. Unlike true shapeshifting, the effect will register as a woven magical spell to any seneses that detect for that, and the effect can also be dispelled. It must be maintained by some power source for the entire duration, but the drain is not too great. This spell is often combined with Siphon Essence when cast on spies.

Healing Runes: A series of runes to be tattooed onto the body. Not a quickly cast spell, the time to cast is the entire time it takes to tattoo a design of runes around the wound or organs most affected by the disease to be cured. The Healing Runes are an alternative to the Healer’s Trance when one is in a typicall magic shadow. The runes will fade over time, lasting for at most a week. For as long as the runes hold, the target will heal at double speed. This spell grants no regeneration and does not improve any existing regeneration.

Control Base Creatures: Simple creatures, insects, rats, snakes, anything small and without much brain capacity can be given commands with this spell. Though the creatures probably are not very combat capable, they will fight if commanded to do so, and can be employed in a variety of useful ways. One of the benefits of this spell is that once cast, the animals simply follow the given commands, the spell does not have to be maintained and thus is hard to detect on the animals.

Plague: Plagues can be created or banished in typical magic shadows. Of course, it is easier to create one, as all one has to do is create one plauged man and watch him infect a community. Each person must be cured individually. Once a spell has been devised to cure a specific disease, that spell can be cast to root out the disease entirely in any target, there is no need to resort to Healing Runes. However, for each new disease, a specific spell must be created.

Transform Base Creatures: Corn transformed into mice, bees transformed into dragonflies, should a Sorcerer have some need to have a different set of creatures to call upon, Life magic has the answer. The transformation does not last long, a few hours at most, but that is usually long enough to make use of the animal. Should the animal die while transformed, it returns to its previous state.

Create Oranics: Organic matter can be created from nothing with this spell. Without using Energy or Spirit to power it, the drain on the caster will be signifigant. Using this spell alone without other Schools, any food created will not be able to make up for the drain the caster suffers. In conjuction with other schools however, food and nouishing drink can be created from nothing.

Sleep: A creature can be forced into sleep. Against an intelligent subject, Psyche Superiority is required. The subject sleeps normally, after the first ten seconds or so of the spell anything that would wake the subject up, does. The first ten seconds the subject will not wake up, which helps to keep people from waking up when they fall over as the spell hits them, and the like.

Wound: Unsubtle, and vicious. This spell opens up a bleeding wound on the target. The effect will be similar to a minor swordstroke, but it cannot be dodged, only prevented by power defense of some kind. Requires Psyche Superiority.

High Magic Simple Spells:

Healing Word: With a single word, a target can heal better. The effect lasts for a full moon cycle, and during that time the target heals at three times the normal rate. Should the subject leave the high magic environment, the effect ends immediately. Healing Word is intensely draining to cast but requires no maintenance.

Animal Minions: Animals can be manipulated however the caster desires in a high magic shadow. The spell must be maintained and can be traced back to the caster. The caster must maintain concentration to control the animals in any complex fashion, but can control several animals at once, up to the limits of his Psyche.

Transformation: More than just changing features, a person or creature can be totally changed. Requires consent or Psyche Superiority. The transformation must be maintained at a signifigant power requirement, and cannot last more than three months whatever the power supplied. Once the effect wears off, that person can never be changed to that exact form again, though variations on a single form, such as a man into many different types of pigs, are possible.

Contagion: A really nasty disease wracks the target, taking effect and causing symptoms right away. No real damage, though targets will be distracted and experiance some endurance drain. Useful becuase it only requires Psyche Advantage.

Slay: The target drops dead. Or at least, Shadow folk will. Chaosians will be stunned or knocked out, and Amberites will be severely weakened. Requires Psyche Superiority, and costs a fair bit of power.

Wither: Utterly ruins a limb. The limb can heal with regeneration but is otherwise damaged for life. Requires Psyche superiority, and may require multiple castings against Amberites and Chaosians to get the full effect.

Devolve Mind: A person can be made animalistic, an animal can be reduced to a vegetable state. This power requires Psyche Superiority, and if successful makes the target behave in an atavistic fashion. That does not always end a fight!

Create Creature: Life from nothing. Only base creatures such as vermin and other simple things can be created. The power drain is signifigant but the creature is real, and persists after creation. The creature is exactly as the Sorcerer imagines it, but if an especially fantastic creature is created, it will not survive well outside high magic environments.

Hereditary Change: A spell from Life or another school can be laid into the very lineage of a shadow person, affecting them from generation to generation. This spell cannot be cast on anyone with as much reality as a Chaosian or Amberite.

Twitch: A nasty spell that only requires Psyche Advantage, Twitch causes a major muscle spasam in the target, which can prove dangerous or even fatal in the middle of a pitched melee. Each successive use of Twitch requires more and more power when applied to the same target. After 3 casts on the same target, Psyche Superiority is required.

The School of Life

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