Combat Guide

Combat Overview

Sure, it all boils down to breaking things and hurting people, but it turns out there’s a lot of variation on those themes. The following linked pages will expand on the Combat rules a bit more, giving some ideas and tips for effectively using one’s Attributes when faced with an enemy.

Psyche Combat:
Probably the most difficult to envision, Psyche based combat is largely a battlefield of imagination. Also unlike other combat types, merely hurting the enemy may not be the desired goal of one or both combatants. Getting information or planting suggestions can be equally important. Finally, Psyche combat is the only combat arena where one may actually be able to mask that a fight happened at all, even to the foe.

Strength Combat:
Brutal and direct, Strength combat often results in horrific injuries, early on in a fight. This doesn’t always have to be the case, however. Picking someone up and breaking them is intuative enough, and well described in the book. This section focuses more on finesse and elegant Strength combats.

Warfare Combat:
Easily the most complex combat type in terms of situations and fights it can apply to, the Warfare Combat section will focus on often neglected aspects of Warfare, such as testing an enemy’s defenses, using terrain and mass battles as a test between military minds.

Combat Guide

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