Aubrey's Trumps

The deck of trumps have been lovingly painted by Dworkin, only a single set created this time around, at least so far. The style is subtly different from his first work, but the resemblance in style is unmistakable.

Card 1 – Hope of Amber: Dressed in a lacy black dress with blood red gloves. She’s sitting daintily at a piano, head turned toward the artist, a knowing smile on her face. Her hair is long and dark, in a beautiful tangle of locks.

Card 2 – Skyler of Amber: Half buried in maps, wearing explorer’s leathers. She’s looking up not quite at the artist, but perhaps over his left shoulder. There is a sense of power in her deceptively slight frame. Skyler’s colors are black and green.

Card 3 – Valden of Amber: Standing on a fortification in a dark uniform trimmed with silver, sword at his side. He gazes intently at the artist, finding him wanting. The sweep of the land behind him is vast, indicating the impressive height of the tower he commands.

Card 4 – Naelym of Amber: Wearing a dark dress and white gloves, she stands casually in a lavishly appointed room. She looks at the artist out of the corner of her eye, head tilted away. Upon study, each item placed in the room seems to be very deliberate. They are fraught with meaning, but that meaning is not easily guessed.

Card 5 – Aubrey of Chaos: She wears a massive petticoat dress, sitting in a pile of books with a book open in her lap. She looks demurely down at the book, leaving her face mysterious. An interesting selection of words in the books are readable in the image. They’re in various different languages, these readable words.

Card 6 – Merlin of Chaos & Amber: Merlin wears a light beard and stands leaning against a bookshelf. The hand against the bookshelf is be-ringed and the other hand holds a jeweled cup. He’s wearing a shirt, jacket, and trousers, all black. The cup and rings are silver, set with red gems.

Card 7 – Martin of Amber: A strong jawed young man with shoulder length brown hair stands before you in a pose that seems almost defensive. He wears a heavy blade at his waist, on a sturdy leather belt. He’s adorned in a doublet and hose, and gazing at the artist without much expression, other than a slightly judgmental cast to his eyes.

Card 8 – Coral of Amber: Short dark hair frames a lively, smiling face. This young woman is wearing doublet and hose like a man, standing arms akimbo with gloves clutched in one fist. Her colors are red and blue, predominantly blue. The background is simple, it could be almost any room.

Card 9 – Rinaldo of Amber: A young man with light brown hair falling in waves to his shoulders. Rin’s nose is aristocratic and pronounced. He wears a full suit, jacket, waistcoat, the works, and high riding boots. He sneers at the artist, though it’s subtle, and doesn’t really make an impression on the viewer until a moment or two of observation.

Card 10 – Yvette of Amber: A young woman with stark white hair. She wears a scarlet dress that is elegantly fitted to her body. Around her neck hangs an exquisite emerald on a platinum chain. The gem is fitted nearly fist-sized, cradled in her hand. To simply gaze into this strange beauty’s eyes is to feel a psychic connection already beginning.

Card 11 – Dara of Chaos: Close cut brown hair frames a freckled face. Her upturned nose gives her a bit of a willful look. She wears lady’s fencing silks and a rapier. The background is piecemeal, wildly different places stitched together somehow into a pleasing whole.

Card 12 – Andros of Amber: Dark haired, dark eyed, tanned skin on an almost shy looking young man. He’s dressed all in loose black silks, and carries a pair of short swords. The room is dark, just a single lamp casting a beautiful pattern of shadows on Andros and the wall behind him, probably shining through some kind of carved wooden screen.

Card 13 – Soren of Amber: A dark haired young man with medium length hair, the bangs hang down to obscure his right eye. He leans on a longbow and wears close fitting green and brown leathers. His expression is proud, almost to the point of being cold, because it creates so much distance between him and the viewer. The portrait sets Soren in a forest glade somewhere.

Card 14 – Seth of Amber: A very handsome blond man with a confidant smile on his face. He wears stylish silks in white and green, and carries a deck of cards lightly in one hand. It’s easy to pick out the portrait’s setting, an art gallery in Amber Castle that for some reason never has its content changed.

Card 15 – Desmonda of Amber: A tall woman, unless the horse she stands next to is actually a pony. Her hair is honey-brown, and hangs in a mass of curls down her back. She wears a pretty brown blouse and black leather riding pants. A heavy mace hangs from the horse’s saddle. She is athletic and muscled, but not grotesquely so. Her gaze is forthright and honest, focused directly on the artist.

Card 16 – Leondo of Amber: A blue haired boy with stlhtly bright green eyes. he wears a breezy turqoise shirt and blue pants. One hand holds a curved dagger which he is using to casually mark the fence rail that he’s leaning on. His build is slight but not spindly. As a rare case among this set of portraits, there is nothing fancy or especially fine about Leondo’s clothes.

Card 17 – The Gates of Arcadia: A gate of intertwined silver and gold, overgrown by ivy and creeping roses. This card is bright, the colors are so bold as to be lurid, there is plenty of light in the scene.

Card 18 – The Gheneshian Watch: A broad rolling plain of browns and dark greens. In the distance, a wall of mixed earth and stone stands in partial ruin. The sky is gray and heavy with clouds, leeching a lot of the color out of the picture.

Card 19 – ? ??? ? ???: An enormous tree, gnarled and mighty, with broad, dark green leaves The ground beneath has a light carpet of moss. The scene is peaceful, blue-green infusing nearly every color in the painting at least a little. The light is coming from the side, but it isn’t shifted into fire colors at all, as a sunset normally would be.

Card 20 – The Black Sea Delta: A walled city, no, two walled cities on either side of a broad, dark river. Just beyond the cities is a vast delta, dotted with huts and hamlets. Beyond that, an even darker, calm sea. The sky is a mess of colors and streaks of light, but none of that seems to reflect on the waters at all, they seem to be lighted by a different source.

Card 21 – The City of Four Flames: A city street with stars overhead. Some srange green light shines up from a ditch or canal by the side of the road. On the other side, shop doors and the eaves of the buildings can be seen. Everything is made of brass, every possible artifact and wall. Just coming into the panel is a creature with a horned head and hands that are masses of bone.

Aubrey's Trumps

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