The fallout of the Patternfall War is upon you.

Just a year after the Patternfall War, the Princes and Princesses of Amber set forth to gather what wayward children they may have left off in Shadow. Already, intrigues and frictions form among the Amberites of the new generation. Relations with Chaos are uneasy, and the Crown is in dispute.

Casting a pall over all this business as usual in Amber are appearances of strange creatures seemingly from outside of the normal order of Shadow. Vaguely humanoid ‘walkers’ of Light and Dark that can threaten the most mighty of the Amberites.

With the structure of the worlds constantly evolving from the effects of Corwin’s Pattern, and the paralyzing effects of the machinations of their Elders, can the young immortals preserve the universe as they know it? Or will things degrade until there are no Shadows left?


City of Amber

Houses of Chaos

The Abyssal Shelf

Sorcery Update

Conjuration Update

Combat Guide

Amber: War of the Crossings

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