Houses of Chaos

House Analia

Specialty: Historians and Scholars
Leader: Lady Malerana
Colors: Orange & Brown
Look: Dark skinned, with red hair and dark eyes.

House Caryx

Specialty: Trump Artistry
Leader: Lord Viboren
Colors: Green & Gold
Look: Red-skinned, with black or blue-black hair and purple or red eyes.

House Chanicut

Specialty: Shadowcrafting
Leader: Lord Kharisador
Colors: Violet and Royal Blue
Look: Pale Blusish skin, with sea-green hair and metallic eyes

House Ementia

Specialty: Shapeshifting and Pharmacology
Leader: Lord Gram
Colors: White & Gold
Look: Dusky grey skin, with dark purple hair and cloudy eyes

House Faragis

Specialty: Shapeshifting, Living Items
Leader: Lady Ledrissa
Colors: Green & Silver
Look: There is no standard look for a House Faragis lord or lady, they are too well versed in Shapeshifting. Instead, they can sometimes be spotted because their forms look too perfect, too polished to be natural.

House Helibore

Specialty: Assasins and Mercenaries
Leader: Lord Angosious
Colors: Scarlet & Purple
Look: Fair skin, very thick, unruely hair of any color. Solid blue eyes.

House Hendrake

Specialty: Soldiers and Duelists
Leader: Lord Marak
Colors: Silver and Grey
Look: Fair skin, with dark hair and dark eyes. Bulky build.

House Jherex

Specialty: Sorcery and Mysticism
Leader: Lady Eurallia
Colors: Blue & Gold
Look: Greenish skin, patterned with light-on-water textures

House Kalavash

Specialty: Traders and Negotiators
Leader: Lady Gethsara
Colors: Green & Black
Look: Average features, but always an extra knuckle on each finger.

House Laenash

Specialty: Logrus Lore
Leader: Lord Semesh
Colors: Black & Gold
Look: Dark in coloration, both hair and skin. Their bodily fluids usually glow.

House Perelith

Specialty: Psychic Manipulation, Politicians
Leader: Lord Thallrassan
Colors: Royal Blue & White
Look: Pale skin, lambant white hair, light eyes.

House Sawall

Specialty: Keepers of the Logrus, Politicians
Leader: Lord Racoreth
Colors: Black & Scarlet
Look: Fair skinned, with dark hair and dark eyes.

House Swayvill

Specialty: Royal House
Leader: King Teremus Swayvill
Colors:Royal Blue & Purple
Look:Dark hair, solid red eyes, and clawed hands. Strong, pronounced bone structure.

House Suridor

Specialty: Serpent Priests and Transportation
Leader: Lord Zukk
Colors: Silver & White
Look: Metallic Hair, average skintone, glowing irises

House Thovin

Specialty: Soldiers, Demon Handlers (Wiped out by Black Walkers)
Leader: None
Colors: Sanguine & White
Look: Strongly demonic ‘human-form’

House Zoradia

Specialty: Information Brokers, Spies
Leader: Lady Pyreta
Colors: Gray
Look: Golden, reflective eyes with a slitted pupil.

Houses of Chaos

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