City of Amber

The beautiful city that surrounds Amber castle is home to many wonders, trading as it does with dozens of worlds across infinite shadow. From the rough docks district to the shining Temple of the Unicorn, visitors and residents alike are never short of things to see.

Bloody Geoff’s:

This famous dockside restaurant changes hands with regularity, always with the same naming scheme, as the last owner’s end is always violent. It is known for amazing food, so in all likelyhood the cook remains the same through each bloody owner’s administration. Bloody Geoff’s is a great place to relax in an informal atmosphere, or to cut a shady deal.


A series of streets in one of the city’s richest districts, it is known for seemingly endless arrangements of beautiful flowers everywhere. Rosebushes adorn the sidewalks, flowering trees shade the doorways, and flowerboxes and flowerpots are to be found everywhere. The streets here are too narrow for carriages to pass, and only the Blood of Amber may ride in this district. Thus it has a very peaceful, almost art-gallery like atmosphere to it. The many nooks and crannies in the street system hold comfortable benches upon which more than one interesting political deal has been cut.

Martyr’s Stand:

Near the Eastern gate of the city stands a statue to commemorate the battle prowess of Amber’s first Prince, Finndo. When Finndo was sent to die, it was around this statue that his supporters rallied. Oberon was not one to deal lightly with such things, so he had all the protesters killed mere hours after they began their demonstration. That act only intensified the resentment in those who had admired Finndo, but not felt strongly enough to protest the Crown. Ever since, the area has been a favorite for anti-Crown sentiment, and there are rumors that some kind of tunnel or portal was constructed by a sorcerer who had been in Finndo’s personal bodyguard.

Temple of the Unicorn:

Built of flawless marble, this mighty temple stands high near the gates of the keep itself. It overlooks the Nobility’s residential district and large public plaza outside the keep. Inside, the temple is decorated simply here and there with silver, and the occasional splash of red drapery. There are rows of pews in the main room, and beautifully appointed rooms off to the side for nobles and Royals to consult with priests. The altar stands in sharp contrast to the polished decor of the rest of the temple. The stone of the altar is old, and incredibly weathered, dotted with tenacious lichen and irregular in shape. Services are short and formal, with much emphasis on respecting the Crown of Amber.

Terrace Pools

A famous bathhouse with a mixture of fresh water baths from a stream that comes off Kolvir, and salt-water baths from the sea. The pools run through various levels of heat, and are a great gathering place for any citizen of the city. A spa is built along the terraces for the upper class, though the main baths are used by all citizens, it’s one of the few places where a Princess of Amber might sit next to a laborer from the lower market.

The Undercity:

Known to only a few, there are a series of buildings and hidden places in Amber City that are used by the criminal and unscrupulous to pursue their ends outside of the view of the law. It is not known if the crown knows about these places, and tolerates them, or if they have managed to remain undetected. Many speculate that Prince Caine has some connection to these organizations, but none speculate so to his face.

Upper Market:

Shopping district for the rich and famous, or at least the rich. Goods from all over Shadow are brought here, anything found in the Golden Circle is constantly on display here. The customs inspectors in Amber are notoriously lax, so it’s often that an object of some importance or interest finds its way to this market. It’s said that Random once purchased a Trump drawn by some unknown person here.

The Window Cafe:

This cafe is an upscale place catering to the rich and influential. Other than a few simple flower bouquets, the interior is decorated almost entirely in beautiful framed paintings. Each of them depicts a place in Shadow, and is said to have been painted in the place of origin. Princess Finoa is known to be a frequent visitor, and always requests the same table. The staff is polite to a fault, serving fine teas and light snacks while remaining as much in the background as possible.

City of Amber

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