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  • Combat Guide

    Combat Overview

    Sure, it all boils down to breaking things and hurting people, but it turns out there's a lot of variation on those themes. The following linked pages will expand on the Combat rules a bit more, giving some ideas and tips for …

  • strcombat

    h3. Fighting with Strength Strength combats are a combination of raw power and mechanical advantage, small combatantas are at a distinct disadvantage. This is in contrast to Warfare, where being small may be helpful in avoiding ranged fire and even …

  • Sorcery Update

    In an effort to make Sorcery more 'Amberlike', the rules for it will essentially be re-written. Sorcery is now an ability that can be purchased on a piecemeal basis, and Power Words are now an ability that improves Sorcery.

    h2. Sorcery …

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