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  • Houses of Chaos

    House Analia

    *Specialty:* Historians and Scholars
    *Leader:* Lady Malerana
    *Colors:* Orange & Brown
    *Look:* Dark skinned, with red hair and dark eyes.

    House Caryx

    *Specialty:* Trump Artistry
    *Leader …

  • The Abyssal Shelf

    The Abyss itself is a massive hole in existence, a place so devoid of anything that the mind strains to create something, anything in there. Falling into the Abyss means death, or at least being put forever beyond the reach of those who remain in …

  • Vubesh

    Little is known about Vubesh's history so far, other than that Aubrey believed him to be her brother as she was growing up, and that he was kind to her. Vubesh seems to have gone to some pains to make his exploits unremarkable to those around him, …

  • Tirdiss

    Tirdiss is a creature from Chaos, a Demon a clan called the Kthuuk. He hails from a shadow in the Black Zone called Vak, a place of darkness punctuated by deadly flares of firey light. There are many creatures in shadow Vak, despite its small size, and …

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