A demonic bodyguard for Hope.


Tirdiss is highly skilled in Warfare, and is as brutally strong as most demons. It’s psychic ability, if any, is unknown, as are any other potential powers.

Hope requested that Tirdiss be resistant to Order, and obedient to her. So far, neither of these qualities have been stress-tested.


Tirdiss is a creature from Chaos, a Demon a clan called the Kthuuk. He hails from a shadow in the Black Zone called Vak, a place of darkness punctuated by deadly flares of firey light. There are many creatures in shadow Vak, despite its small size, and competition for space away from the flares is fierce. The creatures of Vak live in a constant state of combat.

Currently, the Kthuuk clan’s power is ascendant in Vak, due to the weapons and support they have gotten from their deal with House Helibore.

Tirdiss is bound to Hope of Amber for service of 20 years as a bodyguard, even unto death. In partial exchange for this, Hope has enhanced Tirdiss’s abilities by some unknown amount, using conjuration.


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