A Lord of House Perelith in Chaos, curently residing in Amber.


Physical Description: Vubesh has fair skin, and his white hair is lambant, as with most members of his house. His features are otherwise unremarkable, and his clothing is always high quality, but conservative. Thus, he leaves little impression in the minds of those who see him.

Powers and Potencies Vubesh is known to be a Master of the Logrus, capable of healing Shapeshifting ailments and conjuring forth Primal Chaos. His lineage makes him suspected of having a strong mind, but this has not been seen one way or the other so far.

Title and Position Vubesh is a Lord of Chaos, specifically of House Perelith. He currently holds a position as the Perelith Ambassador to the Court of Amber.


Little is known about Vubesh’s history so far, other than that Aubrey believed him to be her brother as she was growing up, and that he was kind to her. Vubesh seems to have gone to some pains to make his exploits unremarkable to those around him, including Aubrey.


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